One way to save on waterproofing your shower is to buy a waterproofing membrane shower. These are often referred to as a no slip shower curtain or a slip-free shower floor. There are two primary reasons to use a shower membrane. The first reason is because you want to make sure that any liquid that leaks or seeps into the shower will end up on the ground and not get soaked through the vinyl or grout in your shower floor.

waterproofing membrane shower


Shower Installation Membrane

So, what does the actual quality of the waterproofing membrane matter? First off, it’s important to realize why a waterproofing membrane is needed. It’s important to install a waterproofing membrane simply because of the possibility of water being able to seep between shower tiles. That’s where the problem comes in. It’s really difficult to install shower floors that aren’t completely waterproof. Some people even try to use non-permeable materials, but those don’t always work as well and can actually make a situation worse than they already are.

A good way to ensure that your shower is completely waterproof without having to use a waterproofing membrane is to make sure that the entire shower floor is made out of waterproof vinyl. A waterproofing membrane doesn’t have to be on the tiles themselves, but it does have to be sandwiched between the tiles to keep them in place. Many times a waterproofing agent like Liquid Repellent will be included as part of the vinyl that is used to make up the floor of your shower. This agent works by stopping moisture from leaking onto the floors and also by helping to keep the water from actually getting absorbed into the vinyl.

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