vape detector

Vape detector  is a sensor that monitors the air to detect vapor, smoke and other harmful substances. Unlike smoke detectors, they are designed to silently alert those responsible for enforcing indoor smoking and vaping policies. They work by detecting changes in the air quality that indicate the presence of vapor and other toxic chemicals such as nicotine.

The sensors can be integrated into a school’s security system or used as stand-alone units. When triggered, they can send an alert via text or desktop or mobile app notification to those that have been designated to handle the incident.

Guarding Against Vaping: How Vape Detectors Enhance Health and Security

Some sensors may also include a video camera that can be activated when they sense the vapor of an electronic cigarette or other vaping device. This feature allows those in charge to see who triggered the device so they can quickly and efficiently address the issue.

While some of these devices can be prone to false positives, this is usually due to the presence of fans or windows that blow smoke or vapor away from the area being monitored. However, the sensitivity of these vape detectors can be adjusted to reduce the number of notifications they send based on the location of the device and the type of environment being monitored.

For example, in areas like bathrooms and locker rooms the sensitivity of these devices can be adjusted so that only severe occurrences are detected and a notification is sent. Additionally, some of these devices have a tamper detection system built in so that those in charge will be instantly notified if the device is being tampered with.

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