Mazda parts is a company that “Celebrates Driving” and they do so by making cars that are powerful and efficient. They use their SKYACTIV technology to make vehicles that are lightweight and offer impressive handling. You may have heard that the name Mazda comes from the word Mazda-go, but have you ever wondered where exactly that word came from? Read on to learn the story behind the name.

What country is Mazda from?

The story of Mazda begins in 1920 with the Toyo Cork Kogyo Corporation, which specialized in three-wheeled autorickshaws. By 1931, the company had evolved into a car manufacturer. Jujiro Matsuda became president of the company at this time, and he decided to focus on machine manufacturing. The new strategy paid off and the company began to grow.

In the 1970s, Mazda started eyeing the biggest market of them all – the United States. They wanted to be able to sell their sporty cars there, so they developed their own version of the Wankel rotary engine. This was a much more powerful and lighter engine than what other manufacturers were using at the time.

With a few tweaks, the engine was ready for production on Mazda models in America. The first models to benefit from the engine were the Familia series and the Capella. These cars had 4 cylinder engines instead of the thirsty rotary engine that they were previously equipped with. The American version of the car proved to be a huge success and Mazda’s popularity in America grew.

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