Breaking down a full social media marketing plan into 90 day chunks can make it easier to keep perspective, manage resources and achieve goals. It’s also an excellent way to reduce overwhelm by tackling smaller projects and building momentum.Go here:

Days 1-30 focus on establishing baseline metrics and developing an understanding of your current marketing state. The deliverables at this stage include fully optimized sets of social media profiles and detailed knowledge about your audiences’ preferences and competitor strategies.

During this phase, we will work to identify your ideal audience and define the tone of voice that resonates with them. We’ll also create a content calendar to provide structure and direction for your social media activity and help you understand what types of posts drive engagement.

Social Marketing 90: Essential Tips for Beginners

The last part of the research phase is to identify and evaluate your competitors’ social media strategy. This is essential to understand what’s working and where you can find opportunities for improvement.

In the next phase of the process, we will establish a content schedule and begin to create your social media posts. The schedule will provide structure and direction for your social media activity to ensure that you’re consistently delivering valuable information and engaging with your followers. It will also allow you to track and measure the success of your campaign. This step is a key element of the 30 60 90 process and will be an ongoing activity as your campaign continues to evolve.

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