If you’re thinking about purchasing a smartwatch, you may also want to consider a service plan. While a data plan is an important feature for many people, it may not be necessary for others. While phone service providers may want to upsell their services as an additional monthly expense, Twigby is focused on saving customers money.

Smartwatch Features You Need to Consider

To help entice consumers to purchase cellular smartwatch models, carriers should eliminate monthly fees. They could also expand their offerings by adding cellular radios to more models. Without these fees, smartwatch vendors would likely sell more cellular watches. While the fees may be minimal in some cases, they could be a significant deterrent for many consumers, especially in North America.

Prepaid plans offer the best value for smartwatch users. Some MVNOs even have data-only plans for smartwatches. Typically, these plans don’t require a contract and can be used worldwide. Plus, some providers offer free SIM cards for smartwatches in standard, micro, and nano sizes. These plans also offer unlimited calling to a mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Smartwatch plans also help kids stay active. They can text friends, answer calls, and access apps. These plans can also include location tracking and Emergency SOS services. These services can be activated directly from the watch or when paired with a smartphone.

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