killara childcare centre

The Killara Childcare Centre was founded in 1986 by an initiative of the Indian government as a national childcare facility. It was one of the first child care facilities to provide quality education and nurturing environment for children. In fact, the concept of ‘child’ is derived from the word ‘Kuntan’, which means ‘school’. The Killara Childcare Centre provides a wide range of child-led education programmes for pre-school children, primary and secondary school kids. These programmes combine classroom work with time in play to form an education environment that moulds the young minds for the better.


These centres offer a wide range of quality services to meet the needs of parents. It provides child-based daycare services, preschool education and pre-school education. Apart from this, it also provides specialty care services to infants, toddlers and babies. These services are offered under the supervision of qualified and experienced teachers. The centre is affiliated to the ICM School Education Department and is one of the fifty branches of the ICM network of schools.


To gain admission into any of the Killara childcare centres, you need to follow the prescribed admission criteria. For this, you need to have a running household, good parent and child relationship, ability to co-operate with other children and the capability to cope with a variety of academic and emotional challenges. The curriculum at the Killara childcare centre follows international standards. The Centre provides an excellent environment for children to grow and learn.

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