inogen one g4 oxygen concentrator

The inogen one g4 oxygen concentrator offers a real-world solution for those needing supplemental oxygen. This lightweight, FAA approved portable oxygen unit weighs less than 3 pounds, fits easily in a carry-on satchel, and runs on rechargeable battery power.

The G4 is a quiet, powerful portable oxygen concentrator with advanced features that can improve your day-to-day life. It also connects to the Inogen Connect mobile app to help you track your device, check its battery life, and review important maintenance and care information.

It’s a great choice for patients with COPD and other respiratory conditions who are looking for a reliable, easy-to-use portable oxygen system that will give them the freedom to live their lives to the fullest while overcoming limitations caused by their pulmonary condition. The Inogen One G4 provides pulse dose oxygen therapy with three separate flow settings, and the system utilizes Intelligent Delivery Technology that detects and delivers your breath within 400 milliseconds to maximize lung gas exchange during this critical time frame.

Inogen One G4: The Ultimate Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Active Lifestyles

In addition, it is equipped with Breath Detection Alert Mode that triggers audible and visual signals after 60 seconds without a breath detected, automatically switching to an auto-pulse until another breath is detected. This alert feature also comes with a flashing yellow icon on the LCD screen to let you know when your device is activated.

The Inogen One G4 oxygen concentrator can be purchased from the manufacturer or through an authorized Inogen internet reseller, who can also help you get a prescription for supplemental oxygen from your health care provider. It can be purchased with or without a filter, but the manufacturer recommends replacing the zeolite filters about every two years to extend its lifespan.

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