If you are dealing with chronic pain, there is a lot to learn about how it affects your life and what you can do about it. You may also be experiencing other feelings, such as depression or anxiety. It is important to remember that you are not atypical or oversensitive for feeling these emotions and are not weak or ineffective because of them. Link : https://painpathways.org/

What are 3 types of pain?

Pain is a complex, emotional experience that impacts every aspect of your life. It is caused by a combination of physical, biological and psychosocial factors and it can be both positive and negative.

2. Know Your Limits

People with pain have a limited ability to tolerate painful situations and they need to learn how to limit their activity. They need to keep a journal of their pain levels and what activities increase them or decrease them so that they can communicate with their medical team and avoid aggravating their symptoms.

3. Find a Pain Management Professional

When you are suffering from chronic pain, you need to make sure that your treatment plan is tailored to your needs. You will want to work with a team of doctors, nurses, therapists and psychologists who understand how your pain is affecting you and your lifestyle.

4. Be Flexible and Adaptable

People who cope with pain really well recognize that they cannot return to the way they were before their pain condition started. They are open to changing their work, social and recreational habits to fit with their pain. They might try a new sport, join a different group or even find another job altogether if their current one is no longer working for them.

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