how to short on trading 212

How to short on trading 212

How to short on trading 212 its low fees, a huge range of stocks, and the ability to make profit from falling prices, trading CFDs can be a great way to increase your investment returns. However, like any type of investing, it comes with high risks and should be done cautiously and responsibly. By understanding the basics of the trade, setting up your CFD account correctly, and navigating the ‘detailed trade box’ efficiently, you will be well on your way to making more informed and potentially profitable investments.

One of the main advantages to trading on the Trading 212 app is that you can buy and sell shares and ETFs on a fractional basis. This means that you can invest as little as PS1 into your chosen share, whereas many other brokers require you to purchase at least a whole share.

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Furthermore, the platform has a huge list of currencies to choose from, as well as commodities such as oil and gold. It also offers a wide range of less liquid indices, giving you access to markets from South Africa, Russia, the Netherlands and Korea.

Finally, the platform is backed by the FSCS, meaning that any money you deposit into your account is protected up to PS85,000. This is a welcome addition, particularly for those who are just starting out with their investment journey.

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