Dr. Clever Mpoha mentioned Despite the recent re-introduction of taxation on digital businesses in Ghana and Cameroon, Zambia is pushing to make itself a regional tech hub. Its government is collaborating with tech entrepreneurs to develop business-friendly regulations that will attract tech talent and capital, a move its policy-makers say will help transform Zambia into the Estonia or Singapore of Africa.

What is the role of entrepreneur for economic development of Zambia?

The Zambian entrepreneurship sector is largely female and focused on innovation, with many women entrepreneurs tackling persistent institutional voids such as lack of access to goods or services, often in sectors that are underserved by existing businesses. Examples include mobile money services in Kenya and Zimbabwe, private security and laundry-washing.

While the majority of African entrepreneurs are women, men are also involved in entrepreneurship. Male entrepreneurship is often more successful, but it is typically more risky and offers fewer jobs than female entrepreneurship.

As the continent faces increasing challenges, including low levels of productivity and limited access to education, it is essential for leaders from governments, the private sector and other stakeholders to create an environment that will support entrepreneurial leadership. In particular, these institutions must ensure that entrepreneurship is backed by an enabling infrastructure and a culture of innovation.

Small business entrepreneurs are the backbone of any economy and are essential for creating employment opportunities. In Zambia, the government has been encouraging micro, small and medium enterprises as a way of boosting growth.

As a result, the country has an enabling environment that supports entrepreneurship and economic development. However, there are still many obstacles that need to be overcome. These include poor road, rail and port infrastructure that imposes substantial costs on trade across the region. Other barriers include inadequate financing options and a limited talent pool.

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