Whether you like to walk or hike, or prefer to play fetch at home, a dog leash is an essential training tool that helps you control your pet and gives them the freedom to sniff and explore safely. There are lots of different types of leads, including flat nylon and rope options and harnesses that work better for dogs with a more clingy nature.

A leads for dogs  crafted from either flat nylon or rope, is the classic option for everyday walks and reversing pulling habits. This style of leash is available in various lengths and widths, and it’s easy to find one that fits your dog with a simple clasp at the end of the leash and a durable metal snap.

Walking in Style: The Latest Trends in Dog Leads for Fashionable Pooches

Slip leads, also called slip collars, are a great training tool as they tighten when your dog pulls and loosens when they’re by your side. However, they’re not safe for small dogs as the constant tugging can cause significant neck strain and potentially choke them if they’re left unsupervised.

A martingale leash, which functions as a collar and a lead, is similar to a slip lead but provides more adjustability. It tightens when your dog pulls, which decreases the likelihood they’ll back out of their collar. However, this type of leash may not be effective for dogs with a thick neck because it can actually choke them. Lastly, nearly every expert we spoke to advised against using any kind of shock collar or prong/pinch collar, which are designed to hurt your dog when they pull. These kinds of techniques can cause serious injuries including damage to your dog’s windpipe and oesophagus, and have been linked with anxiety, fear, aggression and a lack of trust in the human / dog bond.

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