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Not every hotel needs to break the bank to be a great place to stay. In fact, many of NYC’s cheapest hotels are some of its most stylish and tech-savvy. Long gone are the days when staying at a cheap hotel conjured images of filthy rooms, surly staff and just the bare necessities. Nowadays, affordable hotels are the most fun and tech-savvy spots in town, with enticing amenities and a variety of room types from dorms to suites. They’re also often located in the hippest neighborhoods, so you can spend less time traveling to and from your hotel and more time exploring. Source:

Budget Travel Bliss: Top Tips for Scoring Cheap Hotels Without Sacrificing Comfort

A great example is Pod 39, one of the top cheap hotels in NYC. It’s located right by the main Times Square attractions and boasts dorm-style rooms that can accommodate 1-6 people, plus shared bathrooms. But what makes this budget NYC hotel stand out are its cool facilities and personalized service, such as its charming resident cat.

Another great option is Freehand, which is conveniently situated in Lower Manhattan’s trendy neighborhood of SoHo. Its modern, dazzling white rooms are adorned with vibrant color accents and natural wood furniture, and you’ll find lots of ways to spend your time here. From savoring a bowl of ramen at Kuro Obi to spinning in the hotel’s disco, there are plenty of ways to have a blast on a budget. The best part is that these cheap NYC hotels are perfect for anyone, including families.

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