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A Beginner’s Guide to Building a PBN

Building a PBN is simple once you learn the basic steps. You can host your website on a free host, use CDNs, or code repositories, or hire a virtual assistant to help you. This guide assumes that you are running a solo operation and do not need help with website design and development. You can use a WordPress site if you are comfortable uploading themes and writing posts. You do not have to write content, though. You can buy 500-word articles on marketplaces for $5. Read More –

PBN Guide – How to Get Started Building a PBN

A private blog network is a collection of websites with the same owner. This method is used to transfer SEO juice and establish authority. An ethical PBN can boost the reputation of your targeted money site while requiring minimal efforts. You can learn about ethical PBN use in this guide. You should always remember that professional PBN owners start by buying expired domains that have high authority. The best way to get started is to buy expired domains with good authority.

Once you have the domain, you can start building your PBN. Create an article on one of the blogs. You should link to at least two or three authority websites. This will help Google understand the content better. These include Wikipedia, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and Tech Crunch. For the real blogs, you should create a social media profile. You can automate this process with tools like IFFFT or Buffer.

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