Breathwork certification is a great way to upskill your skills in breathwork, whether you want to teach it professionally or simply add it to your existing yoga and meditation classes. It can also be a valuable tool for healing and personal growth.

What to look for in a breathwork training

Before you decide to enroll in a breathwork certification course, ask yourself what your main priorities are. Are you hoping to gain more experience in the breathwork field, or are you looking for a program that will help you to build a new career?

Having these priorities will help you to make better decisions and find a breathwork certification course that meets your needs. It will also ensure that you are spending time with a teacher who is a good match for your values, philosophies, and approach to breathwork.

What to avoid in a breathwork certification programme

Many breathwork courses are heavily associated with their instructors, and while this is fine as long as you are open to learning from them, it can also be a negative factor if the instructor is not someone you resonate with energetically.

It’s important to research the beliefs and philosophies of the instructor before you sign up for any breathwork certification course. This will ensure that you’re going to enjoy your training and be able to draw inspiration from it.

The best breathwork certification programs will give you a variety of ways to learn, including video and text lessons, live sessions, and year-end retreats. They will also give you plenty of support and guidance to help you on your journey as a breathwork teacher or practitioner.

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