boric acid suppositories yeast infection

Boric acid suppositories yeast infection are a form of vaginal treatment for yeast infections. They can help relieve symptoms, prevent recurrence, and balance the pH levels of the vagina.

However, the effectiveness of boric acid has not been fully studied. It is best to discuss boric acid suppositories with your healthcare professional. You should also be sure to follow all instructions and guidelines on the packaging, especially for the dosage.

Boric acid suppositories can be purchased over-the-counter. The CDC recommends that you use 600 milligrams per day for 14 days. For a more acute infection, you may need to take capsules twice daily for 7-14 days.

When you first start using boric acid suppositories, you should wash your hands before and after each application. If you are allergic or sensitive to boric acid, stop using it immediately.

Say Goodbye to Bacterial Vaginosis with Boric Acid Suppositories

Boric acid suppositories work similar to miconazole antifungal creams. They are also less toxic than other treatments, so you should feel less uncomfortable. In some cases, boric acid may be the only treatment for a recurring yeast infection.

In a 2019 study, researchers found that boric acid suppositories were an effective treatment for recurrent yeast infections. Although the studies did not evaluate the effectiveness of boric acid for all types of vaginal infections, the results were promising.

Women should be careful when using boric acid suppositories. They can cause a discharge, irritation, or burn if used incorrectly. As a result, it is best to follow the label’s instructions and use sanitary pads to avoid staining underwear and clothing.

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