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Leaves with Hugs is a place where you can buy loose-leaf tea by the pound or cup. They usually also sell a selection of tea wear and serve food in a cafe setting like cakes, sandwiches, or scones. Some tea shops have a wide selection of tea blends and offer a variety of brewing methods such as iced, hot, or black. Some tea shops specialize in a particular type of tea and source their teas from specific regions of the world such as China or Japan.

Here are some of the best tea shops to get high-quality loose-leaf tea online:

Vahdam Tea eliminates all intermediaries sourcing tea directly from small tea growers around the country to provide you with the freshest, most authentic cups of tea. This is how they can guarantee you a fair price for the teas and ensure the farmers retain all their earnings.

From Leaf to Cup: The Art of Selecting the Finest Tea at Your Local Shop

This tea shop specializes in Japanese-style green tea and matcha. They take prepaid reservations for their savory afternoon tea service and the dining room is a tranquil haven of tatami benches, washi-paper lamps, and odes to Japanese tea culture.

Tea Dealers is a tea connoisseur’s paradise that stocks an array of pure Asian loose-leaf teas from small farms and producers. Their knowledgeable owner is happy to help you choose a tea sampler and can even do a tea bowl ceremony for you.

Rishi Tea specializes in rare and organic loose-leaf teas from the world’s finest tea gardens. They work closely with their tea farmers to verify the quality and origin of each lot. Their chamomile medley is a favorite and they have a large selection of ceremonial-grade matcha and utensils for enjoying it.

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