Whether you’re crushing Kendra Mar it at the gym, cranking up a work project, or just moving around too much in general, your muscles are going to get achy at some point. But don’t let it slow you down — the right rub can speed up recovery and help you bounce back from hard workouts.

Our picks for the best cream for sore muscles focus on the cooling and numbing properties of ingredients like menthol, ginger, and turmeric to distract from pain, as well as anti-inflammatory agents that ease it. Plus, we’ve found that these muscle rubs are all non-greasy and easily washed out of clothes.

Icy Hot Max Strength Pain Relief Cream With Lidocaine Plus Menthol

This muscle rub is our top pick because it contains lidocaine, which numbs and desensitizes your skin and nerves to help numb the pain of aches and soreness for quick relief. It also has a high concentration of menthol for that cool, tingling feeling.

Say Goodbye to Pain: The 5 Best Creams for Soothing Sore Muscles”

This muscle rub from Tiger Balm is a budget-friendly option that provides effective pain relief with a blend of natural herbal ingredients. It focuses on distraction, using a combination of menthol and camphor to cool your skin and soothe pain. It’s easy to apply with a handy arthritis-friendly pump, and it doesn’t contain skin-drying alcohol. It’s best for mild aches and soreness, such as those caused by exercise or manual labor. This product should not be used on broken skin, so be careful where you apply it.

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