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LCD Video Screens is one of the most popular home theater items and can be found in most homes today. An LCD Video Screen is designed to provide the best in picture quality for movies and gaming. An LCD Video Screen is much more affordable than plasma screens and are considered to be the best of both worlds. You can even find these screens at discount stores and electronics stores both online and offline.



A standard lcd video screens unit consists of these basic components: a LCD Video Screen, an inverter and an enclosure to protect the LCD from damage. LCD Video Screen consists of two separate parts: an LCD Panel or the front panel that houses the LCD, and a Graphics Processing Unit or GPU which operates on the power supplied to the unit and delivers crisp, clear and crystal clear images to the user’s television screen. A standard sized LCD Video Screen can range from ten inches to seventy-two inches. Some models of these screens feature additional components such as a built in digital camera or a microphone that can be used to capture special video footage and then transfer it to the television screen. Other optional accessories such as a DVD burner or a flash drive can be connected to the unit to increase the user’s media storage capacity.


A variety of LCD video screens are available and can be purchased from local retailers and on the Internet. These screens have many advantages over other similar technology products such as projectors, televisions and computer monitors. For example, lcd display screens offer a clearer picture quality, they require less power to operate and they use less energy when compared to LCD computer screens. The LCD video screens provide excellent viewing angles, wide colour gamut and high resolution. There is also no glare and some models can also be used outdoors without compromising clarity.

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