Walk-ins are a fairly broad category, which refers specifically to the procedure by which you access health care. In simple terms, a walk in clinic is an area in which you can go to a doctor without having an appointment. Many hospitals now offer walk in clinics as well, though most such clinics would be walk in clinics. There is a wide range of benefits to going to a walk in clinic rather than making an appointment with a health care professional. Some of these benefits include: See website for more

Advantages of Visiting a Walk in Clinic.

Many clinics offer same day or next day services. The benefits of using such a facility could be that you have urgent health care needs, you don’t have to travel to a facility that may not have enough staff to attend to your needs, or you could have a serious ailment or condition and need immediate attention. If you have these kinds of problems, you may not have time to make an appointment with a health care professional. Also, if you have a serious issue, and cannot wait for an in-house visit or urgent care clinic to open for another hour, you could always take advantage of this kind of clinic.

Community Health Centers are places that cater to all kinds of medical needs, whether they are routine acute or long term. Walk in clinics are offered by many community health centers, including many community health centers which also offer walk ins. These clinics usually provide high quality medical services, though they are not generally covered by insurance.

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