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Azalea Home Care can be a lifeline for older adults who need help with everyday tasks and errands but don’t require the services of a registered nurse. They can also be a supplement to care provided by family members, and many people find comfort in knowing they’ll have a helping hand in the future. But finding the right home care services provider can be difficult.

Some home health care providers offer in-home personal care services, which aren’t as intensive as those provided by nurses or physical therapists. These are often called home companion services, and they involve help with basic activities of daily living such as meal preparation and cleaning and taking patients to appointments. These services are generally a bit less expensive than the type of home healthcare provided by home health agencies and may be covered under Medicare or private insurance plans.

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Other types of home care involve skilled nursing and other healthcare services, which are typically short-term in nature (to aid recovery from an illness or injury) and can be offered at home by a Medicare-certified agency or other providers. This type of home healthcare is usually a little more costly and may be provided by home health agencies, private nurses or others, and by medical equipment providers like physical and occupational therapists.

The goal of home healthcare is to provide care at home for a short period of time to enable a person to recover from an illness, injury or surgery and return to their regular routine at home. This can help reduce the risk of a hospital admission or prolong a stay in a skilled nursing facility.

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