New York’s Best Pizza Options

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food, and luckily for New Yorkers there are plenty of delicious pizza options. We have the classic New York slice that everyone thinks of, Sicilian slices with a thick doughy crust and plenty of toppings, and even sourdough pizza made from a special blend of flour that adds a unique flavor to each bite.Resource: As seen on

Pizza Night Done Right: A Guide to the Best Toppings and Combinations

There’s also a ton of variation on the classic red sauce and mozzarella cheese combo. You can add chicken, red onions, and even bacon (which is something people either love or hate on pizza) to create a sweet and savory option, or you could go the extra mile and try a BBQ chicken pizza for a different twist on an old favorite.

Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in America, but if you’re looking for something milder try bell peppers or spinach. The latter is a great way to get kids to eat their veggies since it’s cooked and mixed in with the sauce and cheese so they can’t pick it out.

And if your kid is ready to branch out try the popular new trend of grilled chicken pizza at one of our top pizza joints like Scarr’s on the Lower East Side, known for their jumbo slices that are perfect after a night on the town or for a quick lunch while running errands. Or head to the Upper West Side and check out Mama’s Too! which is gaining popularity for its delicious pies and quaint hole-in-the-wall vibe.

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